Teach Them Diligently: Raising Children of Promise by Leslie Nunnery



A couple of years back I learned about the Teach Then Diligently homeschool conferences that are held at various locations in the USA, and I met Leslie Nunnery at one of them.   When I found out that she had written a book on with the same title, I knew I had to get it.

Sure enough, this book, published by Master Books, does not disappoint.   The first thing that impressed me is that most of the Scripture in her book is from the King James Version of the Bible.   The second thing that impressed me, and it goes right along with that, is the fact that she uses a lot of Scripture in the book.   This is important to every parent.   God’s Word is sufficient for us to know how to raise our children correctly.

Mrs. Nunnery does a fine job using examples from Scriptures, particularly the Old Testament passages which command us to teach and to train, as well as those examples we find from those saints who have gone on before us.   The author not only does a great job of expounding on these passages but also defining key words.

She also uses examples from her own experience, which I thought was a great touch and very helpful since she and her husband are parents of four children ranging in ages from 11-18.

The chapters are short and to the point, which makes the book easy to read for any parent but the content is deep and the material is full of Biblical advice.  I give this book five out of five stars and recommend it highly!