Gospel Reset: Salvation Made Relevant

As soon as I saw the title of Ken Ham’s new book, Gospel Reset: Salvation Made RelevantI wanted a copy of it.   It’s published by Master Books and contrary to what some folks are saying Brother Ham is not preaching a new gospel.  Far from it.

This is a book of tactics.   So, what Mr. Ham has done in this book, is point out that a lot of times Christians will preach an Acts 2 sermon to the world when we are really dealing with an Acts 17 culture.   This just does not work.   We are not living in the same country we had a few years ago, and while we should have seen it coming many of us didn’t.   The culture is no longer familiar with the Biblical terms, but now largely ignorant of them…so much so that we  have got to define the terms we use even if we think they are obvious when we witness to the people.

We must earnestly contend for the faith, be ready to give an answer, and preach the gospel!   As Mr. Ham points out that we need to follow the example given by Paul in his dealings with the Greeks.   The apostle took the Greeks from the very beginning (Jesus is the Creator) so they could understand the very message of the Cross.  That’s what we need to do as well.

I’d recommend this book as an apologetics, evangelistic study guide for preachers, pastors and anyone who is interested in being obedient to the Great Commission!