Education: Does God Have An Opinion


I just finished reading Education: Does God Have an Opinion? by Israel Wayne, published by Master Books.   The book is divided up into two parts.  The first, he calls “The Apologetic,” in which he deals with establishing a truly Biblical philosophy of education.  The second part, is what he calls “The Core Subjects,” is all about applying a Biblical worldview consistently to all areas of education, from science to history, from mathematics to logic, from philosophy to language arts, and everything in between!

God has a lot to say about education in His Word.   And by far, Education: Does God Have An Opinion is the best book I have read on the subject.  Mr Wayne lays it out there Scripturally.  His argument is sound and logical, standing on the firm foundation of God’s Word.   His approach to the core subjects will bring new life to your way of thinking.   And his use of Scriptures makes the study exciting.  This isn’t Wayne’s opinion he is writing about, it’s God’s.

The book tackles subjects such as sports, socialization, public schools, academics, and a host of other issues that parents often have questions or concerns about.   This is a “must have” for every family library, as well as every church library, and if I had the money to make it happen, I’d buy them myself!

Here’s a video from Mr Wayne about his book: