The Will of God

Here is a little something I copied from A.H. Strong’s Systematic Theology sometime ago, and thought I’d share it here. This was first published in 1907 but the words still ring true and I find his advice to be good:

To Find God’s Will

3.Talk to wise people, but do not regard their decision as final.
4.Beware of the bias of your own will, but do not be too much afraid of it. (God never unnecessarily thwarts a man’s nature and likings, and it is a mistake to think His will is always in the line of the disagreeable.)
5.Meantime, do the next thing (for doing God’s will in small things is the best preparation for knowing it in great things).
6.When decision and action are necessary, go ahead.
7.Never reconsider the decision when it is finally acted on.
8.You will probably not find out until afterwards, perhaps long afterwards that you have been led at all.