Enemy Is At The Gate

Suppose someone were to break into your house tonight.  Now also suppose the best weapon for defending your home and family (let’s say, your 12 gauge pump shotgun)  is not available to you.   Let’s just suppose maybe your brother had borrowed it the day before.  And all you have available is a knife and a revolver.   Now, I ask you, what you do?   Would you sit out the fight knowing the enemy is in the house?   Or would you fight with what you have?   I tell you what I would do, I would fight with what I have.   As the saying goes, the best weapon to have in a gunfight is the one you have with you.  Forget about the shotgun, its not going to do you any good anyways.  With the knife and revolver you might just have a fighting chance.  Choose to sit there, and you will probably be dead.

Now consider this election.   We have, in the two major parties Hillary Clinton (D) and Donald Trump (R).   Hillary Clinton is an enemy to liberty.  She has proven herself to be so on multiple occasions.   Benghazi.   Abortion.   Gun Rights.   Etc.  Donald Trump is by far an imperfect candidate.   I voted for a better one in the primary, but he didn’t win.   Now, I have a choice.   I could sit this out.   I could vote third party, but what I see in the third party candidates is a whole host of imperfect candidates.   Just like in the above example, the enemy is at the gate and I don’t have the best choice for my defense.  With Trump I believe we have a fighting chance.   So, I’ll vote for him.   I believe with the right Congress and Trump as President, God willing, perhaps we can beat Hillary and her agenda.  I feel it’s my responsibility to do what I believe is right in voting for the future of what is left of this country!