The Decline of Religion

The following is a condensed version of a letter written addressed to the Georgia Baptist Association by Rev Wm. T. Brantly in 1822: The low state of vital piety among us; the smallness of the numbers joining themselves to our churches; the increase of error and schism; the disappearance of good signs, and the appearance […]

69 Years Before Old Landmarkism

The following letter was written by Elder Jesse Mercer in 1811…69 years before Elder J. R. Graves book Old Landmarkism was written: “The Elders and brethren of the Georgia Association, to the brethren they represent: greeting: Beloved in Christ -From our earliest connection we have studiously selected for the subjects of our addresses to you, […]

Women Voting in Churches in 1700s

Minutes of Philadelphia Association, 1746-1759 Query: Whether women may or ought to have their votes in the church, in such matters as the church shall agree to be decided by votes? Solution. As that in 1 Corinthians xiv:34, 35, and other parallel texts, are urged against their votes, as a rule, and ought, therefore, […]