Knights in Training

Heather Haupt really nailed it with her book Knights in Training: Ten Principles for Raising Honorable, Courageous, and Compassionate Boys.   This book has ten principles taken from the time honored code of the knights, reminding us that not much is different when it comes to raising the next generation of young men.   It was refreshing for me to read a book that reminds us that boys are different and there is a very good reason why we do not want to raise typical boys.

In this book parents are reminded that “old fashioned” virtues do not have to be old fashioned and chivalry is not dead…these things just need to be modeled and taught as we raise modern day knights to love God, defend and protect, persevere, pursue excellence, obey those in authority, respect and honor women, etc.

One of the things that impressed me with the book is the author’s passion for the subject.  This was very much displayed in the summer of 2017, when Mrs. Haupt was “live” on her facebook page every week for several weeks in a row discussing the concepts of the book with her fans and followers.   I enjoyed the videos and the discussions that came of those.

This book also lists several resources that your boys will love as well as a link for a Knight’s Code of Chivalry Poster that my son really was excited about as I was reading the book.

This book is one I definitely recommend for parents of boys.

They’re Your Kids by Mrs. Sam Sorbo

They're Your Kids Book Cover
They’re Your Kids

Having received a Kindle recently for my birthday I was excited to “discover” They’re Your Kids: An Inspirational Journey from Self-Doubter to Home School Advocate by Sam Sorbo in the Kindle store.   Since she is one of the speakers on the schedule of the Teach Them Diligently Conference coming up this year, I thought it might be good to read the book.

I was not disappointed.  The subtitle of the book, An Inspirational Journey from Self-Doubt to Home School Advocate, really sets the stage for the book.   The book is divided into two parts:
1. Why Home School?
2. My Story

As she described the whys of homeschooling, the book is full of facts as she takes the reader through everything from the state of the public school systems to the history and political information a parent needs to understand why home schooling is best for families.

I really liked her story as well because in it I found some great recommendations as well as some things my wife and I can relate to.  It is nice to know that a family like hers in Los Angelas can relate to a family like mine in the Midwest.   We are all in this together.

Two thumbs up and I’m really looking forward to hearing her speak!