Education: Does God Have An Opinion


I just finished reading Education: Does God Have an Opinion? by Israel Wayne, published by Master Books.   The book is divided up into two parts.  The first, he calls “The Apologetic,” in which he deals with establishing a truly Biblical philosophy of education.  The second part, is what he calls “The Core Subjects,” is all about applying a Biblical worldview consistently to all areas of education, from science to history, from mathematics to logic, from philosophy to language arts, and everything in between!

God has a lot to say about education in His Word.   And by far, Education: Does God Have An Opinion is the best book I have read on the subject.  Mr Wayne lays it out there Scripturally.  His argument is sound and logical, standing on the firm foundation of God’s Word.   His approach to the core subjects will bring new life to your way of thinking.   And his use of Scriptures makes the study exciting.  This isn’t Wayne’s opinion he is writing about, it’s God’s.

The book tackles subjects such as sports, socialization, public schools, academics, and a host of other issues that parents often have questions or concerns about.   This is a “must have” for every family library, as well as every church library, and if I had the money to make it happen, I’d buy them myself!

Here’s a video from Mr Wayne about his book:


Teach Them Diligently Sandusky

Back in October, I wrote that I had never been to a homeschool convention.  Well as of April 20, that has changed.  My wife and I, along with our two oldest children went to the Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention, and wow what a great time it was!

Two things we didn’t know (but figured out real quick) was that with multiple speakers speaking at the same time (in different rooms), sometimes it was hard to choose which one to hear.   So, sometimes we both attended a session and other times my wife and I split up so and agreed to share our notes later.

We also didn’t plan for meals.  I think next time we will pack some sandwiches.   We had stayed at the Comfort Inn, which was only 1 mile away from the convention so it wasn’t too bad going to and from the room.  And there were plenty of restaurants close by.  But still, having that sandwich might have saved a bit on money and time!

It would be impossible for me to list everything I loved about the convention.  But, here’s what would top the list:

  • Jesus Christ was the central theme of the convention.  (This was a Christian event).
  • The speakers all had well thought out topics.  They spoke truth and encouragement.
  • I was challenged and learned a lot.

Here’s some of my favorite quotes and takeaways:

Submit to the authority of God’s Word (see James 4:7). You may read it, study it, even have respect for it, but are you submitted? Steve Scheibner on the subject of “Second Mile Leadership: The 9 Essential Practices of Character”

Learn to be encouragers (those who inspire courage) rather than discourage (take away courage)! – Israel Wayne  “The Power of Affirmation (to Motivate Reluctant Students”

Academics cannot be the god of our Homeschool. We must not neglect the hearts of our children! – Jeannie Fulbright

“Tis better for God to approve than the world applaud.” -Robin Heltzer.

“Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.” (Proverbs 4:23). Purity is about the condition of the heart. –  Jennie Bishop speaking on “Raising Pure Boys in a Dirty World.”

“The best education comes from the one who cares the most.” Israel Wayne“What About Socialization?”

God has called us to lead our families. Recognize it and lead or don’t and suffer the consequences. -Mike Donnelly, HSLDA.

“No subject is religiously neutral. Education begins with either the idea that God exists or the He does not exist.”   Israel Wayne on  “Education: Does God Have An Opinion.”


I have pages and pages of notes.   I was challenged as well as encouraged to be a better dad, husband, and teacher as we devote our lives to serve the Lord and be obedient to His Word.

Lord willing, we will be going to the convention next year.  This may have been our first, but I pray it won’t be our last!


NRA Life Membership

I am now a “life member” of the NRA.   Some several years ago, I signed up for what they called “easy pay life” and sent $25 a quarter to them.   I don’t always agree with the National Rifle Association, but I do figure it this way:  If it weren’t for them, the right to keep and bear arms in this country would not still be here.   Thank God for  the work that has been done, and let us not stop now.

Teach Them Diligently

I have never been to a homeschool convention, which I suppose is relatively odd.  I am a homeschool graduate.  My wife and I homeschool our kids (the oldest is 12).   And we have friends who homeschool.

We have friends who have gone to homeschool conventions!  But we never have.

Lord willing, that’s about to change.   I signed us up for the Sandusky Ohio Teach Them Diligently Conference in April 2017.

If you are are interested or want more information, use this link and save $5.

Hope you can go too.  And if you are in Ohio I will see you in Sandusky!

The Will of God

Here is a little something I copied from A.H. Strong’s Systematic Theology sometime ago, and thought I’d share it here. This was first published in 1907 but the words still ring true and I find his advice to be good:

To Find God’s Will

3.Talk to wise people, but do not regard their decision as final.
4.Beware of the bias of your own will, but do not be too much afraid of it. (God never unnecessarily thwarts a man’s nature and likings, and it is a mistake to think His will is always in the line of the disagreeable.)
5.Meantime, do the next thing (for doing God’s will in small things is the best preparation for knowing it in great things).
6.When decision and action are necessary, go ahead.
7.Never reconsider the decision when it is finally acted on.
8.You will probably not find out until afterwards, perhaps long afterwards that you have been led at all.

Enemy Is At The Gate

Suppose someone were to break into your house tonight.  Now also suppose the best weapon for defending your home and family (let’s say, your 12 gauge pump shotgun)  is not available to you.   Let’s just suppose maybe your brother had borrowed it the day before.  And all you have available is a knife and a revolver.   Now, I ask you, what you do?   Would you sit out the fight knowing the enemy is in the house?   Or would you fight with what you have?   I tell you what I would do, I would fight with what I have.   As the saying goes, the best weapon to have in a gunfight is the one you have with you.  Forget about the shotgun, its not going to do you any good anyways.  With the knife and revolver you might just have a fighting chance.  Choose to sit there, and you will probably be dead.

Now consider this election.   We have, in the two major parties Hillary Clinton (D) and Donald Trump (R).   Hillary Clinton is an enemy to liberty.  She has proven herself to be so on multiple occasions.   Benghazi.   Abortion.   Gun Rights.   Etc.  Donald Trump is by far an imperfect candidate.   I voted for a better one in the primary, but he didn’t win.   Now, I have a choice.   I could sit this out.   I could vote third party, but what I see in the third party candidates is a whole host of imperfect candidates.   Just like in the above example, the enemy is at the gate and I don’t have the best choice for my defense.  With Trump I believe we have a fighting chance.   So, I’ll vote for him.   I believe with the right Congress and Trump as President, God willing, perhaps we can beat Hillary and her agenda.  I feel it’s my responsibility to do what I believe is right in voting for the future of what is left of this country!